PCD die blank

PCD wire drawing die blanks are polycrystalline diamond products produced by an advanced high temperature and ultra-high pressure process in the presence of a solvent/catalyst metal. A high degree of diamond-to-diamond bonding enables them to combine the hardness, abrasion resistance and high thermal conductivity of natural diamond with a toughness approaching that of tungsten carbide.


We supply Two series of blanks, one is SL Series, SL Series are self-supported PCD die blanks in round shape and hexagonal shape. They are suitable for all types of wire drawing applications especially when cost-cutting is required. while the other is TSL Series ,  TSL Series are tungsten carbide supported PCD die blanks in round shape. Tungsten carbide ring enhances tearing strength of die blanks, which is especially suitable for high strength and high speed wire drawing.


High Wear Resistance
High Hardness
High Thermal Conductivity
High Mechanical Strength and Tenacity

Best Quality
Better Durability
High Efficiency
Reasonable Price

PCD die blanks can be used for stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and their alloys etc.
We have 3μm, 5μm,10μm,25μm and 50μm grain sizes available.

3 μm and 5 μm Grain Sizes
Nonferrous and ferrous wire in finer sizes
Critical surface finish applications
10 μm and 25 μm Grain Sizes
Nonferrous and ferrous intermediate and fine wires
Superior surface quality applications
50 μm Grain Sizes
Drawing of nonferrous materials like copper, aluminium and others
Longer die life

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