PCD Cutting Tool Blank

PCD Cutting Tool Blank
The PCD Cutting Tool Blanks are mainly used for cutting and machining non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as SI/AI alloys ,aluminum, copper and similar metal alloys . They are also used to machine non-metallic materials such as wood, graphite, ceramics, plastic, rubber and so forth, where high abrasion resistance and long life are required.

The PCD Cutting Tool Blank has the advantages of high hardness, high abrasive resistance, high thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, low heat expansion coefficient, good strength and toughness. It can realize high speed cutting, hard material cutting and high precision processing.

We have 2μm,3μm,5μm,10μm and 25μm grain sizes available.
2μm (CT002)
Excellent Surface Finish
Low Silicon Content  Aluminum Alloys
Good Surface Finish
Copper & Copper Alloys
Good Surface Finish
Precious Metals
Wood Composites & Plastics
General purpose
<14% Si/AI Alloys & Copper
Graphite & Graphite Composites
Wood Composites
Green Ceramics & Carbides
>14% Si/AI Alloys
Metal Matrix Composites
Bi-Metals(Aluminum/Cast Iron)
Sintered Ceramics & Carbides

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