CVD diamond plate

Product Details
1.   With Excellent Thermal Properities
2.   Adopted the high quality fine size CVD Diamond
3.   First Class Quality
4.   Optical,thermal accoustical ,electronics and mechanical stability 
5.   High Purity,Isotropy easy to make big size film materials superiority
6.   CVD has higher wearability than PCD and other diamond materials 
Application field:
1.Spanning electronics
3.Optical Thermal
4.Mechanical applications 
5.Making Wheel Dresser,die Blank and diamond tools
6.thermal grade application
The thermal conductivity of diamond is 1000~2000 w/m.k, which is the highest among all the materials. It is 3 to 5 times than that of copper. Meanwhile, diamond has a small thermal expansion coefficient. So it can largely improve the radiating efficiency by depositing diamond films on common heat sink materials such as Cu and Mo. High-power laser diodes and MCMs (multi-chip three-dimensional assembly technology) are the two main thermal application fields of CVD diamond films.
In this field, the performance of existing heat sink materials can not compete to that of diamond films. The thermal conductivity of the moderate heat sink diamond films can achieve 2-3 times than that of Cu in the room temperature, which is much higher than those of the materials used at present such as AlN, Cu-W alloy, Al2O3 and BeO. It is only inferior to the nature Ⅱa and the Ⅰb synthesized under high pressure high-quality single crystal diamond

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