Diamond dicing blade

1)metal bond dicing blades
Sintered metal powder is as the bonding agent material to realize strong holding powder. As a result, these blades have low blade wear. They are excellent for accurate cutting or grooving of electronic devices such as ceramics and optical materials.
2)resin bond dicing blades
Resin bond high precision dicing blades without steel core are made of the same materials, with thin thickness and and high precision, they are mainly used for slotting and cutting the semiconductor, optical glass, quartz glass, ceramics and so on.
cutting and slotting semiconductor components, glasses, optical communication components, metallic materials, ceramics, etc.

Order guideline:
When first order, please provide the following parameters so as to select the most suitable cutting wheels.
1. Types: 1A8、1A1、1A1R、3A1、14A1、1B1 and so on
2. Specification:Abrasive, grit, bond type, outer diameter, thickness, inner diameter, work layer width, steel plate thickness and so on.
3. Usage: The work piece, cutting size, cutting material, grooving or cutting off and so on.
4. The application conditions: The machine, the rotational speed, feed speed, cutting depth; dry or wet cutting and so on.
5. Cutting requirement: Cutting precision, rip request, superficial integrity and so on.
6. Special requirement: for example: Whether combination use, whether the resin bond cutting wheel needs the electric conduction, whether there are water slots on the periphery of cutting wheel, number and specification of the water slots, whether 1A1 type cutting wheel with steel plate has slots for removing chips on the outer profile and so on.

1. Before installing cutting wheels, please carefully inspect and confirm the cutting wheel has no distortion, crack, rip and so on.
2.  When the cutting wheel has a sign of rotation, it must be consistent with rotation direction of the machine. Otherwise it cannot cut sharply and it is difficult to bring the performance of the cutting wheel into play.
3. Please do not use the cutting wheels that do not conform to requirement.
4. If abnormity appears in the process, it should be immediately stopped.
5. When cutting wheel is not sharp, you must dress the cutting wheel. Otherwise, it will lead to overheat and excess load which will cause the cutting wheel to damage.
6. When rotating, it is strictly prohibited to control with hand and touch the cutting wheels with body
7. The cutting wheels are only used for grooving and cutting off. Otherwise it is easy to occur abnormity because of uneven stress.

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