Diamond cutting wheel

Diamond cutting wheels with steel core including resin bond and metal bond high precision cutting wheel,

1)Resin bond cutting wheel:
1.High precision
2.Good surface quality
3.Excellent self sharpness
4. Less dressing or no dressing

2)Metal bond cutting wheel:
1. The grits are strongly held on
2. Good wear resistance
3. High precision and long life span
4. Good shape maintenance

This product is mainly used for cutting and slotting the following materials:
1. Glasses, such as optical glass, electrical light wave glass tube, and quartz glass;
2. Ceramics, such as aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, gilded ceramics, and ceramic tube;
3. Metal, such as magnetic materials, cemented carbide, copper, and rolled steel;
4. Electronic chips, such as QFN, DFN, PCB with ceramic substrate;
5. Crystal, gem, quartz, and other materials.

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